I used the VW Transaxle Codes & Ratios table above, in conjunction with the Transaxle Ratio Calculator below, to work out the most appropriate combination of rear tyre size and transaxle ratios for my buggy.

A 'reasonable' target (IMHO, of course) for a 1600 beach buggy, given its light weight, but poor aerodynamic performance at high speed, is to aim for a comfortable cruising speed of somewhere between 60 and 70mph @ 3000 rpm in 4th gear.

The default values in the Transaxle Ratio Calculator below are for an 'AM' code transaxle from an IRS 1302/3 Type 1 (Note: these were 1300cc, rather than 1600cc), fitted with 235/75R15 rear tyres but you can change them to anything you like.

1st gear 2nd gear
3rd gear 4th gear
Nice :-) 5th gear Dream on! 6th gear
Ring and Pinion Maximum RPM
Rear Tyre Size Diameter Circumference
Inches Centimeters

Gear 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th :-) 6th!